1000 mm wire Floor Mounted APS Accelerator Pedal Sensor for car and bus

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  • Model: YTT-YA-231

Product Description


APS Accelerator Pedal Sensor 

A: Mature and reliable technology guarantees high quality. 

B: Integrate process flow was introduced into produce to assure any

manufacturing error be rectified before product flow out of the factory.

C: Contactless design adequately guarantees the signals’ reliability during the

automobile whole life time.

D: requirements of waterproof, dustproof and vibration resistance.

E: A new design concept of hysteresis force can greatly reduce the

dangerousness and drivers’ comfortlessness accounting for undesired quick

pedaling and quick returning the pedal.

F: Imitating drivers’ traditional driving habit, Shenhai’s APS brings no

comfortlessness comparing with other similar product.