02CK Bus Frame curtain- Double curtain

  • Model: N/A

Product Description

  • military shelter and medical rescue shelter, shelter, communication, car camping cars, cars, ships and other shower on the window, all the models can choose.
  • Materials:35mm、Flame-retardant shading.
  1. Thickness of chute:23mm,Slot width:29mm, 45mm,
  2. Aluminum alloy lower gear:thinkness: 22.8mm.
  3. Thickness of aluminum alloy shell:9mm,End support as nylon 66.
  4. performance:Adjust the button any position、4mmChute at both ends of the thimble,Strong lock position.
  5. install:Closed around aluminum alloy. 3mmSelf tapping screw fixation.

Size: customers provide the maximum outer frame size of the curtains or the internal control (inner frame) dimensions of the curtains; or the size of the inner frame of the client to provide the window. drawings is the criterion